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Our Gear

Our lab is fully equiped to handle all of your XRD requirements.  Please see below for a list of some of the equipment currently in our lab.

Analytical Instruments

Bruker D8 XRD

The D8 ENDEAVOR is an advanced XRD (X-Ray Powder Diffraction) system for powder applications. It's easy to use and fast, with low detection limits. – Dynamic Beam Optimisation – no manual reconfiguration required. – LYNXEYE XE-T detector – highest data quality and lowest quantification limits.

Bruker D2 XRD

The Bruker D2 is a benchtop instrument suited to production and research samples.  It has a Lynxeye detector and sample loader to allow for high sample throughput.

Sample Preparation Equipment

Rocklabs Ring Mill

The Rocklabs Standard Ring Mill is used for pulverising a variety of material up to 1000g, and produces a final sample size of < 75um.

Rocklabs Benchtop Ring Mill

The Rocklabs Benchtop Ring Mill is a quiet and efficient pulveriser, small and compact enough to fit on a work bench. Equipped with steel and Tungsten carbide heads suitable for sample pulverising for all sample types.

McCrone Micronizing Mill

Specially designed for XRD analysis, the McCrone Micronizing mill is perfect for grinding samples down to < 4um.  


Rotary Mixer

Ultrasonic Probe

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